A Year in Review - House of Belamole's Journey in 2023

A Year in Review - House of Belamole's Journey in 2023

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's time for a founder's roundup of the remarkable year that was for House of Belamole. The journey began in October 2023, marking the official launch of our meticulously crafted candles to the public. This pivotal moment followed months of dedicated testing and refining of our signature fragrances.

Launching during the festive season was a strategic move, and the response from the market exceeded our expectations. Our first Christmas market was nothing short of a success, and the positive feedback from our customers was heartwarming. Many admired not only the design of our brand but also the captivating aroma of our signature fragrances.

One noteworthy highlight was the overwhelming success of our best-selling Candle, Euphoria. This particular scent became a favorite among our customers and received rave reviews. Compliments such as "Your candles are striking" and "they smell amazing" were music to our ears, affirming that the decision to launch House of Belamole after nearly a year of meticulous planning was indeed worthwhile.

Photo of House of Belamole Market stall

Looking ahead to 2024, we're eager to share more of our signature range with the public. Our plan includes participating in more pop-up market stalls, creating opportunities for even more people to discover the essence of House of Belamole. Additionally, we're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of a new candle – watch this space for an unveiling that promises to be as exciting as the aromas we carefully curate.

As we reflect on the journey so far, we extend heartfelt gratitude to our supporters, customers, and the House of Belamole community. Your enthusiasm and encouragement have been our driving force. Here's to a bright and fragrant 2024 as we continue to illuminate spaces and hearts with the essence of House of Belamole. Stay tuned for more scented delights!



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