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1 Euphoria Tea Light (19mm) 

Shipped as a small letter

A feeling or state of Happiness.

Our Euphoria Candle is a blend of beautiful scents. Cherry (base), Raspberry, Rose, Cinnamon, Tonka and lychee. This blend provides sweet almond undertones found in the smell of Cherry Blossoms. 

Wellbeing benefit: A combination of these ingredients is known to help to soothe the most tense muscles, ease your mind, uplift your mood and create a sense of happiness and positivity.

  • We would describe our Euphoria candle as slightly sweet and fresh with the use of Cherry as a base.
  • Cinnamon, Tonka and Lychee balances the sweetness with warm and woody notes, creating a cosy and inviting aroma.
  • Cherry scent is perfect for stress release and anxiety. 

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