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Unwind Luxury Scented Hand Poured Candle (2 Wick)

Unwind Luxury Scented Hand Poured Candle (2 Wick)

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Unwind after a long day with our Unwind Luxury Scented 2-Wick Candle, a blend of soothing scents proven to release tension and calm the mind and body. Featuring notes of French Vanilla, cypress, lavender, and geranium, this candle is perfect for unwinding and restoring balance to your day.

Wellbeing benefit: A combination of these ingredients can help to support emotions by creating a calming and grounding effect.

  • French Vanilla (base) has a rich and sweet aroma, cypress emits a calming and rejuvenating fragrance.
  • Lavender has a calming and soothing aroma and Geranium has a balancing and uplifting scent.
  • If you love Suttle rejuvenating scents, then this will be perfect for you! 

Packaged in our signature black box, with a candle dust cover. 

  • 100% Natural Soy wax (Non toxic, Vegan friendly)
  • Size: Diameter 78mm, Height: 93mm, 2 wick, 300g candle.
  • Burn time: with proper care and ideal conditions our 300g candles burn for up to 60 hours 
  • 2 Wick Candles: burn more efficiently, yield a brighter flame and a stronger scent.
How to use?

To get the full beautiful Candle experience, always light both wicks at the same time and allow the candle to fully pool to allow the wax to burn evenly. 
  • Burn for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4
  • Trim the wicks before every use and no shorter than 1cm
  • Keep out of reach of children, pets, drafts and vibrations
  • As you relax, practise Candle gazing meditation whilst enjoying the combination of French Vanilla (base), cypress, lavender and geranium
  • Don't fall asleep with your candle burning

Handmade in small batches in London. Soy wax is water soluble, our glass containers can be easily washed and reused. We use Environmental friendly paper bubble wrap for shipping.



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